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Banding: how and why is it so important?


The births should not be long and I thought it was interesting to make a point with you,

First of all, what is a ring?

A ring is a small metal ring which will come to be placed on the leg of the bird. This ring will contain information relating to theidentification of the individual such as :

-the country of birth : for example, F for France

– the year the ring was issued, which is generally the year of birth of the individual

– the number of the breeder-breeder, with numbers and / or letters: for example J564

-the personal number to the bird: for example: 001, 024…

-as well as the acronym of the organization issuing the ring: for example UOF or CDE.

It is the combination of tall this information makes the ring unique.

How to read a ring?

Here are several ring reading diagrams according to their diameter.

Why band your bird?

From his unique combination, this will constitute a real identity card for the bird. This is a real guarantee on theorigin of the animal (captivity or collection in the wild if ring closed) but also on his age. Banding your bird can also be very useful for the find (in case of loss or theft) and prove that it is indeed yours! Indeed, with its unique ring, it’s impossible to go wrong, on condition that you know the ring number beforehand …

When and how to ring?

Ring with a closed ring

A closed ring will slip when the individual is still young. It is recommended to ring around ten days (generally between 8 and 15 days, and this depends of course on the species). This is not a fixed date, buta stage of development: fingers should still be flexible, eyes are not open yet. Some individuals are very fat at around ten days old while others are a little late. It is therefore important to try, to ring, to see if it holds and to check the next day if the ring has not been lost etc …

Small tips : to slide the ring more easily, a little oil or even saliva… You can also use a toothpick to extract the last two fingers as in the diagram above. In addition, it is not necessarily easy to ring alone because we quickly find ourselves with cluttered hands, do not hesitate to do it together.

Banding with an open ring

It is also possible to use open rings in the case where banding with a closed ring is not possible (the little ones are too big, the couple can’t stand to touch their little ones…). There is no age to place an open ring. The installation is generally done adult size since this is the advantage of using open rings.

photograph of open colored and simply numbered rings.

Closed ring? Open ring? What to choose ?

As you may have noticed, there are several types of rings. The two main categories are the baclosed and open rings.

There are also blank rings which are open rings with no indications (such as age, bird number, etc.). Usually they are colored and still numbered simply (1,2,3…).

The closed ring

Advantages disadvantages

  • she is easy to install ! Young chicks are easy to handle. However, be careful, some parents do not accept banding!
  • she permits an identity (origin, breeding in captivity and not from importation, age …) because it is necessary to put the ring on young chicks (reminder: between 8 and 15 days).
  • she is compulsory to participate in exhibitions and scholarships of birds. The regulations also require the banding of certain species (depending on their protection status, find out!)

The open ring

Advantages disadvantages

  • it makes it possible to give an identity to an individual with his adult size !
  • however, it requires a little handling to put it down (an adult is less easy to handle than a baby bird)
  • she constitutes an alternative to nest ringing (fitting closed rings is not always possible with some couples)
  • however, it is not worth the closed ring and can be prone to cheating (rejuvenating birds with more recent rings for example)

The open ring, not informative

  • it allows to identify, at a glance, an individual compared to another (for example, to differentiate, your small budgerigar of couple 1 and couple 2)

The need to know the ring number of your birds

As the owner, it is important to see essential, of know the ring number of your birds and even ideally have what is called a certificate of assignment. This document certifies the change of owner and is also a pledge of transfer or donation. It must be done in 2 exemples, one for the old owner (usually the breeder) and one for the new one. The transfer certificate serves as a plotter : in case of loss of ringed bird, thanks to the registered breeder number, we will be able to find the breeder-breeder. This document will then, if it is carefully preserved, find the real owner. Likewise, if any person finds the bird, as the owner, you can certify that it belongs to you thanks to the ring number and the transfer certificate.

A certificate of assignment is a simple document to complete and which does not commit to anything apart from writing down the sale or donation of a bird! You will find an example of an assignment certificate that you can download and complete using the following link.

For domestic species:

For non-domestic species (official transfer certificate and otherwise, mandatory)

Where to order rings?

To order rings, you can directly contact supplier organizations such as the CDE (Club des Oiseaux Exotique), FFO (Fédération Française d’Ornithologie), or even the exotic bird club in your city. You can also find all types of rings on the internet (https://www.boutique-oiseaux.com/, https://www.afecc.fr/, https://www.lafermedemanon.com/…)


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