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Nine days ago, on February 26, the crunchy bottom portion of Perry’s Mace fell off.

He had been playing with it all day. It was much more visible than before and looked pretty bad. I started ringing for the vet’s availability as I had a feeling something was going to happen, maybe more bleeding. I had the cornstarch ready.

In the evening, some of the scabies began to clear up. At this point, Perry was relentless and totally focused on “sorting out.” I watched in horror to see this black thing sway between its legs, grab onto the perch and hamper its movement. The expression on Lennie’s face probably mirrored mine as he watched in disbelief at what unfolded in front of him.

Perry continued and in about 15 minutes it was all over!

Fortunately, it was completely dry, with no blood or grime. It was a sharp pause and clearly the natural moment for him to separate from Perry’s body.

It measured 1.2cm wide x 2.3cm long x 1.0cm deep.

Perry was fine afterwards.

After a conversation with the vet on the phone, when she said it was very weird, we agreed that there was nothing to do at this point, but again to wait and see. The bump itself is obviously still there, and there’s a chance another blister will form, so we’re still on the roller coaster.

For those interested among you, here are some bloody photos:

Perry must be feeling so much better not to be carrying this piece of dried blood and dead tissue.


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