Body attitudes of the parrot or parakeet


All parrots have some common behaviors or abilities. To interpret them well is to understand them better … and as our parrot is a friend just like a dog or a cat, it is necessary to understand his moods and his ways of expressing himself, if only to notice an anomaly, sign of an illness or a stroke of blues.

Fly and climb
Parrots are especially remarkable climbers. Their powerful legs are very agile and they use their bill as a third leg to climb and move around in trees or on their cages. However, some have real aptitudes to fly: in general they are those inhabiting the steppes or the plains.

Walk on the ground
Climbing parrots look very potty on the ground because the position of their legs is more suited to tree branches than to the ground. However, some birds such as cockatoos are used to looking for food on the ground and are therefore naturally good walkers.

It is a common activity for the parrot to extend one leg and stretch the wing on the same side down and back. It simply stretches after a period of rest or inactivity. Often, when it brings its paw back, it squeezes its fingers and buries its paw in the feathers of its abdomen.
Parrots can also stretch by raising their wings without opening them. When the weather is hot it is a way for them to cool off.

Stand on one leg
It is a sign of peace and security to see it perched on one paw.

Hide the beak in the back feathers
This is the characteristic position of the parrot for resting or sleeping. The feathers may be slightly ruffled.
Warning: your parrot can take this position if he is sick. In these cases, he will be on two legs.


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