Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus) – Parrot pet


Physical description
It is a parakeet that has a relatively low weight. She is full of energy, her movements are harmonious. It exists in several mutations of different colors, the natural coloring however remains green with black wavy streaks on the rump; the throat has two characteristic spots in the form of purplish blue drops; legs and beak are fleshy; the iris is black and circled in yellow.


18 cm

7 years

Blue bill wax in males and pale pinkish brown in females.

Reproduces without any difficulty from the month of October or November for those who keep them indoors and for people who keep their parakeets outdoors the reproduction period begins around March or April, provide breeding mash so that parents can feed their chicks, remove the nests after brooding, otherwise the female risks laying eggs again, which risks exhausting or even killing her.
Incubation: 18 days (the female broods alone)
Flight of the young: 3 to 4 weeks after birth.
There are different mutations: green, olive, gray, gray-green, albino, white …

Outside the Australian coasts and Tasmania

It is a bird that is constantly in motion and always happy, sings from morning to night, it allows itself to be domesticated without any difficulty, obviously with a hint of patience.

Washington Treaty
Domestic bird

Mixture for small parakeets, canary seed, greens, mash, apples.


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