Callopsitte – Parrot pet


Physical description
Callopsittes have soft gray plumage. The upper tail feathers are silvery. And the ones below are dark gray. The white conjugation feathers of the wings are seen when they are outstretched. The throat, cheeks and forehead are a beautiful lemon yellow. Near the ear, over this yellow “mask”, just below the black eye, shines the orange spot of the cheek. The feathers of the hoopoe shoot out at the top of the mask. The crest of the cockatoo parakeet is much thinner than that of the cockatoo.

The breeding of cockatiels produced new colors that they would be

difficult to resume here. However, among the most common:
* Albinos: they have white feathers, a yellow mask and have retained the orange spot. The feathers on the underside of the tail are pale yellow in males, bright yellow in females. Both sexes have red eyes.
* The yellow parakeets: they have a white plumage, regularly tinged with a delicate yellow and the eyes normally red but sometimes also black.
* The spotted: their plumage is dotted with irregular white spots.
* The scales: the body and the wings are covered with feathers edged with white and dark gray.
* White-headed parakeets: they have a traditional gray plumage but without the yellow mask or the reddish patch on the cheek
* Parrot with white plumage and yellow erectile crest: its dark eyes are surrounded by a bluish area. Its beak is black and its legs gray.

30 cm

18 years old

Males have a brighter facial color. Females have a duller facial color, and have a series of striped feathers under the tail. This sexing method is not without encountering errors and is only valid after the 1st moult (around 9 months).

It reproduces easily in a box-nest box. Incubation lasts 18 days and the young leave the nest 28 days after birth

Central australia

Endowed with a very pleasant and playful character, the cockatiel parakeet is an excellent easy-going companion who attaches very easily to his master. She is good at reproducing whistles and can easily learn small tunes. It is relatively calm with sometimes shrill calls especially if other birds live together.

Washington Treaty
Their marketing is not subject to the rules of the Treaty.

mixture of small seeds and millets, oats and seeds of wild herbs; wild green plants of the dandelion type; fruits and vegetables that are sometimes eaten with difficulty: get them used to them as soon as they are young.


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