Celestial sparrow or Celestial Touï (Forpus coelestis coelestis)


Physical description
It is a very small parrot, the cheeks and the crown are green-yellow; the back of the head and the nape are gray-blue; there is a degraded blue area on the nape which forms a junction with the eyes, as well as an intense blue border on the wings. The iris is brown, the orbital skin is gray, the bill is horn-colored as well as the legs.

12 to 13 cm

8 years

The female has no bruise; it just has a slight blue tint behind the eye.

Reproduction easily and without necessarily needing a lot of space, it is however necessary to take care to separate the pairs under penalty of violent clashes. Sexual maturity is 12 months, the female lays 5 to 8 eggs which she incubates for 18 to 20 days, the young leave the nest around the age of 30 days. It is not uncommon to see the female start a new laying as soon as the young are weaned, so it is best to remove the nests so as not to exhaust the female.

Ecuador, Peru and some islands in the Pacific.

It is a very timid, timid parakeet that takes a long time to be domesticated; on the other hand, once past this milestone, he develops a very good character.

Washington Treaty
Appendix II

Mixture of seeds for small parakeets, fruits, cluster millet and a few fresh branches to nibble on.


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