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My last article on herd relationships dates back some time (Click here). Since this post at the end of December, things have changed.

Perry seemed disinterested in a possible new friendship with Moriarty and I simply attributed to him not wanting a new friend, or maybe he wasn’t feeling too good. However, something changed in mid-January. It’s likely Perry has started to feel better after all.abscess“Health drama that occurred at the end of December / beginning of January. It also indicates that he didn’t feel well at first, thus avoiding Moriarty in those early days.

Anyway, on January 17, 2021, Perry started flirting with Moriarty through bars!

It was an unexpected development! While I was happy to see Perry engaging with Moriarty, it unfortunately meant that Lennie was taking a step back from his friendship with Moriarty, which was a shame as he had developed well. It also meant that Lennie was effectively rejected, which is never a good thing !!

The Moriarty & Perry bond grew over the days to the point that every morning when I unlocked Perry he was right in Moriarty’s cage to say hello. The first time around he overestimated his flying ability and landed on the ground so from there I gave him a little help getting there. His activity levels have definitely increased!

The next step was the meeting of Perry and Moriarty without bars between them. This happened with only two of them, in the Dalai’s cage, on January 30. This meeting was very lively with Moriarty even putting his foot on Perry’s chest a few times! You would think they were long, lost friends just reunited!

That friendship has continued and currently the three of them are together during the day, but always back in their respective cages at night – I think Perry and Lennie still enjoy this rest from young Moriarty. Although the stronger friendship now appears to be between Perry and Moriarty, when Perry is resting, Moriarty is happy to interact and play with Lennie. If Lennie is resting too, as very last resort, Moriarty will turn to me for entertainment!

Some videos:

Perry & Lennie visiting Moriarty

Moriarty visiting Perry & Lennie

Eat together (almost) harmoniously

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