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Chloroptera Macaw (Ara chloroptera) – Parrot pet


Physical description
This parrot has a stocky body, a large red head with bridles and cheeks whose white skin is streaked and speckled with red. It has a large bill, dark on the lower part, meaty on the upper part. Its eyes have black irises, edged with light yellow-green. The body and tail are red like the head, except for the wings which have blue flight feathers with green coverts. The back also has green parts but red predominates largely. The legs are dark gray with strong, slightly darker nails.

90 cm

50 years

Not very significant, although the male has a slightly larger bill
scientific sexing

If we succeed in forming a pair and if this pair has sufficient space with a large nest box (barrel arranged horizontally for example), it will reproduce without great difficulty.
Incubation: 27 days
Flight of the young: 15 days after birth the birds leave the nest but do not take flight until 6 weeks later.

Rainforest in South America, from Panama to Argentina

Great adaptability, sociable, easy to tame and very good talker

Washington Treaty
Appendix II

A wide variety of fruits and vegetables (especially pear, apple, plum, banana, cucumber, half-ripe corn, carrot…); small amounts of nuts, pine nuts, peanuts; mixture of sunflower seeds, safflower, hemp, wheat, oats, canary grass seed and several millets; dandelion-type greenery; regular mineral supplements; white bread and egg food for breeding; likes porridge and cookies (see recipe section) as a treat.



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