Derby Parakeet (Psittacula Derbiana)


Physical description
Splendid parrot, the head in shades of gray blue with a black forehead. We also observe the color of the black plumage that extends from the mandible to the eye in the form of a line. We find the black color at the throat also, while the wings and the neck are green, which serves as camouflage in nature. The wings are covered with a yellow veil.

About 50 cm in adulthood

30 years

The upper and lower mandibles of the male are red. In the female the bill is completely black.

For reproduction, place the pairs in an outdoor metal aviary. They will resist the cold very well, however they will be sensitive to frost on the legs and feet.
Sexual maturity is reached around the age of 4 years, the female often lays 3 eggs which she incubates for 24 to 26 days, the young leave the nest around the age of 52 days.

South East Tibet in South West Sichuan, North East Assam North Yunnan

It is a very rare parrot in pet stores. It can be found in an outdoor aviary, but it remains very popular with enthusiasts. It is a very beautiful bird with a very unpleasant call: strongly discouraged as an indoor pet bird if you want to keep good relations with your neighbors.

Washington Treaty
Appendix II.

Mixture of seeds for large parakeets, canary seed, buckwheat, nuts, fruits, vegetables, sprouted seeds, wild berries, milk bread, regularly give fresh branches to prevent birds from attacking the aviary or nests.


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