Determine the comfort zone of a parrot


What is an animal’s comfort “zone” or “bubble”?

It is the space in which he feels safe in the interaction with the other.

The limit of this space is virtual and specific to each individual.

The volume of the comfort bubble depends on the past, the bird’s experiences, its age, its species but also its mood.

Thus the comfort bubble will be more important in a wild or familiar bird and not open to interaction with you.

When we don’t know a parrot and want to interact with it, we are often afraid of getting caught.
Well do you imagine that pecking is largely preventable if you manage to provide the interaction without bursting the bubble of comfort.

How to determine the limit of it?

For that, nothing difficult, but it is necessary to be well concentrated in order to perceive the first sign of the animal’s discomfort (movement of the head, change of direction of gaze, change of posture, etc.).

You can first approach the animal and gently extend your hand towards it (especially from the front, not from behind or on the sides, in order to be perceived in your approach and not to generate surprise or fear.)

The goal is not to try to touch it, but simply to assess the volume of its comfort bubble.
As soon as the animal reacts A LITTLE to your approach, you have succeeded.

You must, out of respect for the animal entity and for your fingers, avoid entering beyond this limit without being significantly invited.

To propose an interaction, you must maintain your position outside this bubble.

What is proposing an interaction?

It is to hold out an object or a reward for example, or to extend the hand to invite to the caresses (effective on the species genuinely eager for cuddles.)

If the parrot accepts the interaction, then he will come towards you to seek it without threatening to bite you.
If he tries to pinch, or on the contrary if he flees your approach, it is because you will probably have gone too far and will have pierced the bubble of comfort without realizing it.

Respecting each other’s comfort bubble is a first step in building friendships. You will see, it works!


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