Foods That Are Toxic to Green cheek Parrot


The diet of parakeets and parrots is based mainly on seeds, fruits and vegetables as well as calcium, minerals and vitamins.Foods That Are Toxic to Green cheek Parrot  To know more…

Fruits and vegetables are beneficial for the health and essential for the nutritional balance of your bird. On the other hand, certain foods are at risk and / or toxic.

Below is a list of the top foods to ban, the result of a recent study on unsafe foods that were not suspected to be dangerous for our birds, and my conclusion.

Foods That Are Toxic to Parrots


Foods That Are Toxic to Green cheek Parrot

Toxic foods in fruits, vegetables and other foods …

Avocado contains a harmful substance “persin”, depending on its concentration in the fruit and depending on the species, the bird can become seriously ill and / or die. As a safety measure, avian vets ban the avocado.

poisonous food avocado

The raw potato contains a harmful substance “cyanide”, thus danger of death for the bird. For information, cooking removes this substance and makes the potato non-toxic.

potato toxic food

Rhubarb contains oxalic acid (oxalate crystals), which in high doses causes irritation of the intestines and death.

rhubarb poisonous food.

Raw eggplant contains a harmful substance “solanine”.

Eggplant toxic food

The pits of fruit contain a harmful substance “cyanogenic glycoside”, if the bird begins to play with these pits by grinding them, the substance will turn into poisonous acid and cause the bird to die. (Pits: cherries, apricot, peach, plums …)

Toxic food core

The seeds of the fruits (eg: the apple) contain cyanide, same case as the raw potato.

apple pips-1 toxic foods

green tomato plants and leaves are poisonous.
Poisonous food tomato plants
Chocolate contains a toxic substance “theobromine” which causes nervous system dysfunction and death in the bird.

toxic food chocolate

caffeine in coffee, tea and other drinks. It is a stimulating substance that causes heart problems.

toxic food coffee

Peanuts contain a toxic substance “aflatoxin” which is revealed if poorly packaged.
peanuts toxic food
The alcohol

alcohol toxic foods

Other toxic or risky foods in fruits and vegetables (according to recent research)

Other foods that I didn’t suspect to be dangerous have recently been judged as toxic and / or risky foods, which means that they are not necessarily toxic but can cause health problems for our birds, especially since our familiar bird can easily put its beak on it.

I’ve recapped that study for you below and to see the source it’s here Don’t Feed Your Pet Bird These Foods.

Onions (in all of these forms, cooked, raw and dried) contain sulfur compounds. When crushed, it can cause hemolysis or rupture of red blood cells, causing anemia. , it can also cause irritation of the oral flora, the esophagus and even cause ulcers.

onion toxic food

Garlic is like onion, it contains sulfur compounds as well as another substance “allicin” which can cause anemia.

Garlic toxic foods

Tomato is an acidic fruit, many vets do not recommend it in its raw form as it could cause ulcers. However, cooking or drying the tomato decreases the acidity and in this case the tomato will be good in moderation.

Toxic food tomato

The raw mushroom is a source of digestive problems in parakeets and parrots. The stems and caps of some fungi can cause liver failure.

mushrooms toxic foods

Celery itself is not poisonous, however its fibrous part is problematic, so remove it before serving your bird.

celery toxic food

Our food should not be that of our birds

Other foods on our plates that are not on the parakeets and parrots menu are given by owners (supposedly edible) to their birds, while salty, sweet or fried foods lead to kidney, digestive and digestive dysfunctions. dead.


Not everything that’s good for us is good for my bird.
If in doubt about a food and anything that represents a food risk for my bird, I ban it (personal opinion).
Be vigilant when my bird goes out, no picnic for him 😉


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