General information on the implantation of the cage


Before your parrot arrives home, you will prepare its cage and its environment so that it lives in good conditions. The information below will help you choose the ideal location.

Where to place the cage or aviary
The parrot is a gregarious bird, ie it lives in a group and it needs to participate in the rites of the group to which it belongs, ie in this case to your family. This is the reason why, the ideal room is the most frequented except the kitchen because of the grease vapors. Place his cage in a clear, uncrowded place, not too close to the window but with a view through.
However, avoid that his cage is in the way which can be a source of stress for him and put the cage on a stable base or a table so that it does not risk falling.
Leaning the cage against a wall will give your parrot a sense of security.
The ideal height of the cage allows the bird to look you in the eye: if it is installed too low, it will be a source of anxiety for it.

Parrots come almost exclusively from areas with high atmospheric humidity. It is she who gives this waxy effect to their feathers and makes them shine. The dry air in our apartments and the drastically different climatic conditions are responsible for their dull plumage. This can go as far as itching due to dryness. It is therefore necessary not to install them too close to a radiator and to ensure that the ambient air is sufficiently humid: do not hesitate to use an air humidifier or a fogger.
In addition, do not hesitate to offer it a bathtub or to spray it to preserve the beauty of its plumage.

It is difficult to define the temperature par excellence of all parrots, each species having its specificities.
The important thing about the location of the cage is to choose a place without drafts and with reasonable temperature variations.


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