He shares the family table


Parrots are gregarious birds, so they need a rich social life, which is why they love to share their meals with you. You can make him participate regularly in the family meal.

What will do him good
* Cooked, unseasoned pasta or peeled potatoes
* Bread croutons, cornflakes, dry cake, a little hard bread softened in a mixture of water
* A tablespoon of cereal softened with water
* of course all authorized foods: vegetables and fruits

The dangers of the table
* foods that are too hot
* food that comes out of the refrigerator
* foods that are too salty, too sweet or too spicy
* spoiled or moldy fruits even if the damaged part has been removed
* chocolates, desserts, crème fraîche, pie, candy
* pure fats and very fatty foods
* Alcoholic drinks, beer, coffee, coca cola, lemonades and sparkling mineral waters
* dairy products


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