Latham or Swift Parakeet (Lathamus discolor)


Physical description
Splendid parrot with green plumage and rather yellowish on the upper parts, the green feathers of the cheeks have a slight blue reflection, the feathers under the lower mandible up to the neck are red, the feathers of the upper mandible are also red, this color s ‘stops at the forehead to make way for a bluish reflection on green feathers, there are several mutations of this animal (pastel, misty, blue, olive…).

25 cm.

40 years

In the female the red of the face is a little less extensive, her feather color is a little darker and she is also smaller

It reproduces quite easily. Sexual maturity is reached around the age of two.
The nests should be of a good size 18 x 18 x 35 cm high with a thin layer of potting soil in the bottom of these.
Incubation lasts about twenty days. The young are born with a white down and leave the nest around the age of 5 weeks.

Tasmania and Australia: it migrates to the south-east of the Australian continent to spend the winter there.

It is a very energetic parrot that it is desirable to place in an outdoor aviary in order to leave it the necessary space to frolic, a wooden aviary is sufficient because it is not very destructive. The bird will be comfortable with other species. In the wild one can often observe this bird in the company of lorikeet because their diet has similarities.

Washington Treaty
Appendix II

Mixture of seeds made up of cardy, euphemas, canary seed, daily apples, bread with honey, bunch millet, breeding mash during the breeding season.


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