Lennie Milestone: On my finger!


Lennie Milestone: On my finger!

Some of my recent posts were about milestones Moriarty has been successful as he settles down. But milestones don’t need to be about young people or those in new developing situations, they can also apply to old ones or those in well-established routines.

Take Lennie, for example. Early on (post-quarantine days) he decided he should be wary of me. He will always leave me a large place – sometimes very large! Its only small exception will be if it is millet. Normally this would be a great training tool, but since Lennie is very overweight, I decided that it was best not to encourage more millet eating just so I could get close to him.

So, you can imagine my surprise when, on May 1st, it voluntarily landed on my finger!

Alas, it was not a new acceptance of me but a need not to miss anything with Perry & Moriarty!


Perry and Moriarty were on my hand, in front of Moriarty’s cage, flirting and running up and down my arm. My other hand was next to them (between them and the cage). Their flirtation escalated, and Lennie made his way to the top of Moriarty’s cage to investigate. I could see he desperately wanted to join Perry & Moriarty but was holding back as they were on me! Nonetheless, I kept my hand free, positioned where he could easily fly to her, thinking he would never come, but he wanted so much to participate in the fun that he actually flew on my finger! He didn’t stay there for long because he realized quite quickly that it was an extraordinary event and he didn’t want me to make a bad impression on me!

Still, it was a nice and pleasant feeling to know that even when habits and routines are well established, an occasional leap into unfamiliar territory is possible!


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