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Moriarty milestones: wild grass

It is very possible that before Moriarty came here he did not have any wild and sown grass.

When the first herb of the season passed in my mailbox, thanks to a very kind and generous follower, rosebudgie, my first thought was “wow, what an amazing surprise”, followed quickly by “I wonder what Moriarty will do with it?”

Lennie no time wasted and returned immediately. Pear was a little reluctant, as if he had forgotten what fresh grass was, but it didn’t last long and he, too, hid in it. Moriarty, a little puzzled, wondering what his two friends were doing! He went around in circles but finally curiosity got the better of him & amp; he tried. Unsurprisingly, he found he liked it. Then he was running like a mad fly, trying to eat all the pieces that were stuck!

Thanks, rosebudgie. The fresh grass is greatly appreciated, especially by the newcomer to the experience, Moriarty!

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