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Moriarty milestones: window perch

It took a while, but finally, on April 5, Moriarty braved the perch of the window!

Due to Perry & Lennie’s current lack of flight ability, window perches have been off limits for over a year (certainly Dalai was the last to use them). This means that Moriarty had to find his own way to the window perches, with no one leading by example.

I was trying to cheer him on them when he was sitting on my finger and a few times he would touch them and once even put his foot on one, but he needed a little more courage to take the step next. Whenever I had Perry on my finger, I would take charge of him, hoping he would remember The old days when he liked to sit on the perch by the window, but if I got too close he got a little worried so I would withdraw.

Moriarty regularly sits on the back of my chair and looks out the window from there. It was from there that he made the brave leap to the window perch. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there long enough for me to record the historic event! However, since then the window pole is now a regular haunt for him. I am delighted because it provides more stimulation, watching birds, squirrels, wind in trees, rain, passers-by or children playing games.

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