Respiratory mites – parrot mania


Respiratory mites are tiny mites that nest in the respiratory system: windpipe, lungs, and air sacs. Cytodites nudus is not very pathogenic. On the other hand, Sternostoma tracheacolum is formidable because it is invasive and aggressive.

The parrot breathes with difficulty and its breathing is wheezing because it makes efforts to expel this parasite. We hear him clear his throat. It is wasting away and its plumage is ruffled.
At the autopsy, we discover under a microscope a cloud of these mites distributed in the respiratory system. The parrot triggers a significant production of mucus which makes it suffocate.

This parasitosis is overcome with pyrethrin-based aerosols. For this, it is necessary to enclose the bird in an aquarium, the air of which will be saturated with a spray, allowing it to breathe for 3 to 4 minutes. The operation is to be carried out several days in a row.
You can also add seeds lightly oiled with a little 2% Carbaryl powder (a knife tip). The substance spreads in the trachea and in the respiratory system and has the effect of eliminating the parasites in a short time.

Good general hygiene and biannual disinfection generally prevent this type of affection.


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