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Reusable cage bottom liners

For a long time, I used newspaper to line the bottom of the cages. In recent years, I stopped buying newspapers and didn’t have access to free newspapers either, so I started buying packages of “chip paper” or wrapping paper. This paper was particularly nice because the light, solid color made it easy to check the quality of the poo.

However, as I was using the last bundle, I wondered if there was another cheaper way to line the bottom of their cages.

Lennie, Perry and Moriarty

I remembered I had an old washable shower curtain. I cut out a test piece and was pleasantly surprised how it worked. It’s a light color with faded swirls, so the poo (and the blood it had to deal with later) is easily visible. I thought it might be a little slippery if Perry fell on it, but it felt ok and no slippery more than anything else. I cut out the rest of the curtain and got 6 “bottoms” from the set. After a few washes (hand or machine) the edges started to fray so I hemmed them.

Having 6 means I can use 4, one dryer and one hand wash. When I remove the last one, I have 4 clean ones to put on (1 dirty & 1 drying).

I bought another cheap, washable shower curtain and made 6 more for Dalai’s cage.

They sit well on the padding (fleece and towels) and are easy to roll up when you take them off. Then I can scrape the poo out of a bag and put it in a bath ready for a quick hand wash. They dry very quickly. And, as mentioned above, some blood washes well!

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