Salmonellosis: infectious digestive disease


Salmonellosis is a disease transmitted through infected food or through other animals (mice, pigeons, flies) is caused by salmonella (Salmonella typhimurium).
The transmission also occurs to eggs and embryos from germs present in the parrot’s genital system. It can also cause the parrot to become sterile.

The parrot loses its appetite, it has a swollen stomach and diarrhea, intense thirst and lack of appetite. He develops breathing difficulties. Its plumage is ruffled, it loses weight very quickly, and death is not long.

It must be as early as possible after laboratory diagnosis on examination of the droppings. The parrot must be isolated in a warm and quiet place: daily cleaning of the cage and accessories. Please note that the disease is transmissible to humans.
A broad-spectrum antibiotic-associated with a poly vitamin complex will be administered to strengthen the bird’s organism.

Good general bird hygiene and a healthy diet.


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