Sexing methods Parrot


The morphological difference in many species of parrot is not sufficiently obvious to make it possible to differentiate with certainty the male from the female.
You have to be particularly expert in sexing by palpating the pelvic bones located in the region of the cloaca. In the female, they are obviously more apart to allow the passage of the eggs.
There are two more reliable methods today: endoscopic sexing and DNA sexing.

Endoscopic sexing
It is about observing the sexual organs inside the body of the bird. This intervention is performed under general anesthesia by the veterinarian who puts the bird to sleep with a special and well-developed gas. He then slightly incises the abdominal wall to introduce a thin light probe inside the body. In the case of a male, the two testes are located above the kidneys in an extremely clear and unambiguous way. In the case of a female, the single ovary is more blurry to vision but remains identifiable.
This method is therefore extremely reliable and non-damaging for the bird, which wakes up very quickly and without trauma.

DNA sexing
Extremely simple, since it is made from a few drops of blood or from 2-3 feathers expressly removed from the bird. There is hardly any stress except when removing the feathers: this is the reason why it is best to do this when the bird is young. The method is 100% safe and the response time is short.


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