Some active ingredients of diet – parrot mania


Many parrots, especially reared alone, receive too little variety, consisting mainly of store-bought seeds and a wedge of apples, which is the cause of vitamin deficiencies and liver disease. The table below will help you balance your feathered companion’s meals.

Vitamins table

Liposoluble Vitamin A

Necessary for growth, night sight,

green and yellow vegetables: cabbage, chicory, carrots, fresh fruit.

Liposoluble Vitamin D

Intervenes in the formation of bones, the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, necessary for the absorption of calcium.

cod liver oil, salmon oil, egg yolk

Liposoluble Vitamin E

Protects tissues from oxidation

vegetable oils, seeds and grains, wheat germ, lettuce.

Vitamin B1

Participates in the breakdown of carbohydrates, influences heart function and nerves.

Whole grain cereals, yeast, eggs.

Vitamin B2 Water soluble

Necessary for cellular metabolism and the transformation of food into energy. influences hormonal production

Cereals and seeds, eggs, green vegetables, yeast.

Vitamin B6 Water soluble

Present in the formation of red blood cells and antibodies.

Cereals and seeds, yeast, wheat germ, bananas, vegetables.
Vitamin H, Water soluble

Required for the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats

Egg yolk, green vegetables.
Vitamin C Water soluble

Participates in the synthesis of connective tissue, hormones and healing.

Citrus fruits, berries, cabbage, potatoes, fresh vegetables, tomatoes, kiwis, blackcurrants.


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