Tales from Quarantine – Malfunction (7 of 8)


Tales from Quarantine – Malfunction (7 of 8)

I always thought that arranging furniture in a cage was a skill. There are a lot of questions to ask, like does the position of this pole / toy mean it’s covered in crap? Will the toy be in an accessible but difficult place? Is there enough space to stretch out the wings or even for a fly?

I thought I had it all taken into account when reorganizing Moriarty’s cage, but he found a glitch in the design. If he dismantles his swing in a certain way, one of the bottom bells gets stuck in the Olympic rings! Although this is a flaw, it almost turns into a new toy. The swing bell is now in an excellent position to be crossed out, and the swing can still be used, even at the fun angle!

Bell caught in the rings

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