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Your parrot at any age can learn to speak if it has predispositions. Many people have heard of a parrot and take it for granted. It is forgetting that they have their own language made up of more or less strident cries, whistles or grunts. Thus, imitating the human voice corresponds to learning a foreign language.

Why is he talking?
For some, it is simply for the pleasure of imitating the sounds heard. This will range from the cat’s meow, to the phone ringing or the car horn. If they are more imitator than talker, the vocabulary will be more limited, but that’s not unpleasant.

For others, it is about getting a reward: this will be the case if you systematically associate a reward with the pronunciation of a sentence or a word.

For others still, it is the fact of making yourself happy that can induce the efforts of your parrot. A tame bird will have a good level of vocabulary and will “chat” a lot during the day!

How to teach him to speak?
The lessons will take place in a quiet room, one-to-one with your student. It should not last more than 15 minutes and will rather be done in the evening. Your parrot may be indifferent at the start and little by little the threads of the sessions will find interest there to the point of waiting for these sessions.
Wait until he is focused: clear and sharp eyes, and tense neck. Start with simple words like Hello, Good evening, and be patient !!! Some parrots never speak and others are genre prodigies. The results may take two months to come… Show consistency and patience !!!

Next step: the association of sentences
Your parrot has added a few words to its vocabulary. You can take the more difficult step of teaching him to relate the question to the answer. For example “Are you hungry Coco?” with “apple”. A lot of patience will be needed at this stage… everything has to be earned !!!

Photo Filippo: Gipsy


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