The interest of offering space to our birds: the outdoor aviary


I would like to share with you a testimonial written especially for Un nid informations! Antoine Watel, passionate, tells us about his experience with his outdoor aviary: a dream but also, you can imagine, sacrifices. However, Antoine is ready to give a lot for the happiness of his birds … Thank you again for this sharing.

A few years ago, during a tour of zoological parks, I had the pleasure of entering pretty aviaries, accompanied by a magnificent sun.

What a dream ! Enter a small parrot world, see them evolve in a spacious place, see them interact together …

So I asked myself, is this doable?

Today I made this dream come true, I built an aviary 20 meters long, 4 meters wide and 2m70 high, for a small group of cockatoos.

However, I have read that parrots stress in a large space, that they move away from us while being outside, or that they need heat. I do not know who is at the origin of these received ideas, but I saw for myself that they are false!

The larger the living space, the more these animals will be able to express their potential! I also realized how much they like to flyeven with a full stomach. So they don’t do it just to forage for food.

A large outdoor aviary is not easy to set up, I made a lot of mistakes. Large branches hung by a thick rope allow you to create perches in different places, a good part covered to cut the wind and shelter the birds from the rain, a personalized decoration, as well as a nice little bench to sit in the sun with your birds! If the birds are placed outside in summer, they will gradually create a down under the feathers. when the temperatures are going to decrease, this which will protect them from the cold. The most important thing is to cut the wind and the rain. Personally, I opted for Plexiglas plates on a third of the aviary.

The main disadvantage of the outdoor aviary is the financial cost. Then, it takes planning time. And that’s all ! The advantages are numerous! Already there is the blooming of your birds! Is the cost of an aviary worth the happiness of our birds? Most parrots are loud, but outdoors the noise is much more bearable. There is no real risk of obesity, they can work out ! Space greatly reduces the risk of a fight, given that they have room to flee. And then, what could be more beautiful than see them fly together ?

As a bonus, I would say it’s a nice gate to get into free flight.

Thanks for reading me,

Antoine Watel, passionate © March 2021


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