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Moriarty & Lennie

Moriarty & Lennie

Moriarty & Lennie

For those who know the American TV show The Big Bang Theory, they will know what I mean by the Koothrapalli effect. In summary, one of the characters in the series, Raj koothrapalli, had an inability to speak to or around unrelated women – a medical condition known as selective mutism.

So why am I bringing this up here? Lennie suffers from the Koothrapalli effect when it comes to Moriarty! It was very frustrating, especially at the beginning. Moriarty was tweeting and chirping through the bars and although Lennie was showing a response (raised feathers, dilated eyes, beak tapping, etc.) he was mute! It must have been off-putting for Moriarty, especially because at the time, Perry was not interacting with him. Sometimes Lennie would chirp but he would turn or walk away from Moriarty before making a sound!

It was interesting that for a while Moriarty got into the habit of walking or sitting on top of the cage, above where Lennie was, and listening to the whole conversation. of Lennie, knowing that if he stepped down to the side to be in front of him, Lennie was silent.

Fortunately, over time, Lennie relaxed. It started with a strange tweet inadvertently escaping as Moriarty was near (Moriarty would be so excited when that happened!).

I’ve included a few videos below to show off the different interactions, silent and otherwise.

Silent Lennie:

Chatty Moriarty, growling Perry and silent Lennie:

Lennie remains silent even when he goes to visit Moriarty:

Moriarty turning over a chatty Lennie:

Silent interaction:

Silence? What silence?

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