Parrot vet near me

Parrot Health

Parrot vet near me: Veterinarian: versatility at the service of customers. The veterinarian is responsible for the health of the animals, he must be available to respond to any urgent requests. In town, you will need a general veterinarian for your dog or cat. You will find these professionals, their veterinary clinics, or their practices, … Read more

Stressed parrot feathers

stressed parrot

Stressed parrot feathers: Like all living things, birds are sensitive to stress and suffer from it both psychologically and physically. Anxiety can have a variety of causes and it is important to identify them quickly in order to make the necessary changes and allow the bird to return to a normal, more serene, and good … Read more

Moulting in Parrot

moulting in parrot

Moulting in Parrot: Moulting can be a delicate phase for the parrot, hence the need to understand this phenomenon and respond to the specific needs of the animal. Regularly, the birds change their plumage to have a brand new one. This is called molting, like in dogs, for example, when they lose their hair and replace it with others.This is a … Read more

Symptoms and diseases of pet Parrot

diseases in parrots

Symptoms and diseases of pet Parrot: What are the main diseases affecting birds in this company? How do they manifest? Parrot disease An abnormally inactive parrot or, on the contrary, very agitated, loss of feathers (except molting period), diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, lack of appetite, swelling of the abdomen, excessive thirst …So many symptoms can be … Read more