Parrot diseases

Parrot diseases

Parrot diseases: Two major nervous functions are particularly developed in Parrots: vision, with large visual lobes, and orientation, with a large cerebellum. As a result, sensory functions are atrophied, especially pain: a Parrot suffers little and late, which means that many avian diseases will have late clinical repercussions. This is why you must be very … Read more

Parrot molting

parrot moulting

Parrot molting refers to the renewal of plumage, which involves the loss of old feathers. During this period, which generally begins after the summer solstice, the Parrot has higher than normal energy needs, hence the need to provide it with more vitamins and minerals. Once a year, therefore, your Parrot will be moulting, and you … Read more

Parrot Feather

parrot feather

Parrot Feather: Often, the fact that your parrot loses its feathers is nothing to worry about, since birds naturally lose their plumage twice a year to renew it (moult). However, the track of the disease is not to be excluded, particularly if the parrot is scratching. It should be known that certain health problems can … Read more

Parrot lifespan

Parrot lifespan

Parrot lifespan:  Parrots can live 15 to 20 years as pets, but their lifespans are much shorter in the wild. Unlike many other mammals and birds, parrots live much longer. And this is one of the main characteristics of pet parrots: their long lifespan, whether in captivity or in the wild. However, parrots live longer … Read more

Misconceptions of parrot wing size

4 misconceptions in parrot Clipping Wings Among the ideas received in favor of the size of the wings, we find: 1-The size of the wings makes the bird easier to handle! Birds that do not fly are constantly exposed to situations where they feel fearful and feel out of control. With no control over their lives, … Read more

parrot protection

parrot protection

parrot protection: In a previous article ”  How to stay motivated with your bird?  »I had mentioned two essential points in order to stay motivated to maintain his bird and for the cohabitation to last… Today, I am coming back to address in more detail the first point which is« the maintenance of the bird ». … Read more

how to clean a bird cage

how to clean bird cage

how to clean a bird cage: Cleaning and disinfecting your bird’s cage is a task that should not be neglected. On the one hand to avoid odors and the proliferation of bacteria following the accumulation of droppings and the rest of the food and on the other hand for oneself in order to live in … Read more

Parrot vet near me

Parrot Health

Parrot vet near me: Veterinarian: versatility at the service of customers. The veterinarian is responsible for the health of the animals, he must be available to respond to any urgent requests. In town, you will need a general veterinarian for your dog or cat. You will find these professionals, their veterinary clinics, or their practices, … Read more

Clean bird cage

clean bird cage

Clean bird cage: Cleaning the cage or aviary is one of the basic tasks when you have a pet bird. How to proceed, how often, and which product to use? Why should you clean your pet bird’s cage? What are the cleaning tasks and how often to perform them? What products to use for cleaning … Read more

Stressed parrot feathers

stressed parrot

Stressed parrot feathers: Like all living things, birds are sensitive to stress and suffer from it both psychologically and physically. Anxiety can have a variety of causes and it is important to identify them quickly in order to make the necessary changes and allow the bird to return to a normal, more serene, and good … Read more