How do i bathe my parrot

How do i bathe my parrot

How do I bathe my parrot: Most parrots love to take a bath, and this is easy to do because the parrot will do most of the work as it will fluff its feathers to let the water seep onto its skin. You should give the parrot a chance to bathe twice a week, especially … Read more

How to take care of a parrot in winter

How to take care of a parrot in winter

How to take care of a parrot in winter: This exotic specimen is native to tropical climates. The cold can therefore be detrimental to his health. Due to its intelligence, beauty, and grace when talking, the parrot has become the favorite pet of many children and adults. In addition to good hygiene and a good diet, … Read more

Parrot in house

Parrot in house: Raising a parrot in an apartment is possible for many people. Provided you meet certain criteria and respect certain rules, you will be able to welcome this bird into your home. And it will reward you well, bringing joy, animation, and tenderness to your home! Here are our recommendations for properly raising … Read more

parrot toys

Parrot toys

parrot toys: Parrots are very active birds, they need daily exercise and mental challenges that positively stimulate them. In nature, parrots are gregarious animals that have very complex relationships with their fellow creatures. They spend their days communicating, playing, climbing trees, feeding, and making new connections. In this article from PlanèteAnimal, we will tell you about parrot toys, we … Read more

How to take care of parrot

how to take care of parrot

How to take care of parrot: Owning a pet is a pleasure, which is not easy. If you want to adopt a parrot, you must avoid choosing it on a whim. You need to make sure you have the skills to take good care of it in your home. But do not panic! Here are some helpful … Read more

How to tame a parrot

How to tame a parrot: Developing a certain bond with a domestic parrot is quite possible, provided you do it right and choose the right breed. If gaining the bird’s trust is a goal within reach, you should know that some breeds of birds are easier to tame than others. But if you put in the … Read more

Caring for a parrot

Caring for a parrot

Caring for a parrot: Does your pet parrot have low morale? If the visit to the vet did not reveal any physical problems, chances are he is bored. Because you have to know that a pet parrot needs to be entertained! Like us, parrots like to be active and stimulated to sharpen their physical and cognitive … Read more

Bird egg laying

Green cheek conure laying eggs

Laying bird eggs: It means the inability of the female to take out the egg. The latter gets stuck in the uterus (the most common case). The evil spawn is found very frequently in birds ( wavy, cockatiels, Catherines,  inseparable …). This phenomenon is also common in parrots. The causes of egg-laying sickness Often the causes of poor egg-laying are … Read more

Parrot sexing

How to determine the sex of your parrot

Parrot sexing: There are several techniques for determining the sex of a bird, but are they all reliable? Unfortunately, there are several unreliable techniques often used by breeders to determine the sex of birds, including: The pelvic gap involves feeling the lower abdomen with your fingertip to measure the spacing between the pelvic bones. The … Read more

Parrot dna test

parrot dna test

Parrot dna test: I just updated the article by doing DNA sexing to retest this service. I sent my mail on 06/01/2020. As soon as I have the results, I will give you an idea of ​​the time frame as well as other information … Mail deadline June 2020 : So I was telling you that my mail … Read more