5 good reasons to adopt the clicker

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In this article, I will tell you about the “Clicker Training” method or “clicker training”, it is an animal education method that has been proven and above all easy to apply

This method of education is often associated with training dogs. But it is also used to train any other animal. So it is perfectly suited to educate our birds. This is good news!

Parrot clicker training kit

Clicker Perla-1 My pyrrhura “Perla” in exercise

1-The clicker is small, light, and not bulky. It can be carried in a pocket.

It is a small plastic case containing a metal plate and when pressed, the clicker will make a sharp sound (click).

2- The clicker is easy to use and a good means of communication.

Its principle of use is simple, you just have to press the clicker after each good action of your bird (behavior, movements …) that you deem positive.

After a few exercises, the bird quickly learns that the sound (click) indicates that it has done well as well as the arrival of the reward, therefore the bird will want to start over. So perfect communication with the bird.

1) a good deed → 2) its “click” → 3) a reward (treat)


3- The Parrot Clicker Training method is based on positive reinforcement.

It is a gentle method that is based on the principle of positive reinforcement, that is, associating a reward with good behavior, without punishment and without conflict with your bird. To know more…

 4- A clicker is a training tool that can be replaced later.

It will then allow you to easily perform tricks with your bird. Knowing that you can stop it at any time once your bird understands the principle.

Instead of the sound click, you congratulate it with the word  Good (for example) quite simply and it works (here). It’s up to you to find the right formula fot you.

1) a good deed → 2) congratulations “brabo! »→ 3) a reward (treat)

exercises without clicker with my pyrrhura

5-The clicker is cheap and easy to find.

It is not expensive, it costs only a few euros and you will easily find it everywhere in pet stores or on the internet … to get it.

How to Clicker Train Your Parrot | Parrot Training

SOURCE: Howcast

Parrot training clicker and target stick

5 good reasons to adopt the clicker

I find using the clicker to be an easy way to Training your bird, personally, I have used it and had good results.

Here is a picture of my clicker with the possibility of adjusting the sound volume. For more information on this device, please click on the image.

How to clicker train a bird

Ps: The majority of clickers in the market are intended for the education of dogs, but they can be used for the education of other animals (horses, cats, birds…). So don’t be amazed if you can’t find a clicker that’s only for birds

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