African grey parrot breeding

African grey parrot breeding: Allow me to clear up any misconceptions that you may currently have about the breeding of the African Gray Parrot, which is also called the African parrot.

You should keep these in mind if you are considering breeding an African Gray Parrot, you should check with an avian expert before you start.

African grey parrot reproduction

African grey parrot reproduction

First of all, you must choose a good pair of African gray parrots. Gray parrots that are devoid of feathers or that suffer from an eating disorder will not have any willingness to mate, and any attempt to make them reproduce will be stressful for them and they will It causes her stress.

The minimum time to keep the African gray parrot in cages breeding together is from (30-60) days, and it is important not to disturb the parrots as much as possible, and if possible, use the method of knocking on the door before entering the room where the birds are instead From its tension and disturbance, and the birds will get used to it, just knock on the door twice and then stop before you enter, and the gray parrots will understand what you mean, and this will reduce their panic attacks.

As soon as the African gray parrot begins to show protective behavior, such as grumbling when you approach it, or nervousness, there is a high probability that the female has laid eggs, and it is always better to wait a few days before checking the egg cage because this will affect the parrots lying on the eggs, Do not attempt to disturb your parrots until the isolation time is complete.

African grey parrot health

Signs of ill health include patches without feathers on the chest and wings, a wagging tail, secretions from the eyes, abnormal urine color, and undigested masses present in its droppings. Choose an African gray parrot that is healthy and of childbearing age for breeding.

African grey parrot care

African Grey parrot

Secondly, you need to think about the appropriate environment for the breeding process. Parrots in the wild depend on their natural instinct to complete this natural process, when the time comes to get to know their life partner, and this may also depend on environmental signals such as climate, but perhaps this is not the solution.

When your African gray parrot is in captivity, so the best you can do is to make the space in which they live more suitable for the breeding process, for example,

the cage should be at least 4 x 4 x 4, and loud sounds should be kept Bright lights are kept to a minimum, and the basic idea is to keep the birds in a place where they feel safe and comfortable.

African grey parrot food

African Grey diet

Another essential thing to keep in mind is the African Gray Parrot’s diet. The actual components of the diet of these birds should not change significantly.

African Gray Parrots need as little disturbance as possible, and even changing water and food dishes can be difficult.

Little, and when feeding these to your birds, it is best to change dishes at intervals, to give them enough time to breed between feeding dates.

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