Sun conure

sun conure

The sun conure ( Aratinga solstitialis ) is a South American parrot. Description Although its plumage is predominantly yellow, its also has other colors: orange shade on the face and belly, green primary and secondary coverts, just like the flight feathers with blue ends. The irises are brown, the eye-rings, beak, and legs black. It … Read more

Jenday Conure

jenday Conure

Jenday Conure: ( Aratinga jandaya ) 23 is a species of medium-sized bird in the parrot or parrot family (Psittacidae). It inhabits the forested areas of northeastern Brazil. It was discovered by the German naturalist Johann Friedrich Gmelin in 1788. Description Although physically similar to the Sun Parrot ( Aratinga solstitialis ), the Jandaya Parrot … Read more

How many conures can live together

Conure breeding

How many conures can live together: When you see these 3 pyrrhura conures, you imagine that they have known each other for a long time !!! Well no! The pyrrhura opaline in the center is the newcomer to the name of Opia. He was hand-raised, unfortunately, he was driven mad by the confinement. He fled from a man … Read more

Conure parrot

conure parrot

Conure parrot: Some Information You Should Know About Green-cheeked Conure The seeds of sesame and pumpkin “better organic” contain calcium and zinc which help fertilization. Sesame seeds also contain amnion acids that the parrot’s body cannot make. You can add them to their fruits and vegetables. The kelp supplement contains iodine so can help with … Read more

Free flight with my conures

conure free flight

  Free flight with my conures, my story … New article and a new story. This time around I would like to share with you the story of Molly Nae, an avid glider who practices free flight. Recently while browsing Facebook, I came across one of these posts that caught my attention. I felt an … Read more

Conure mutation

Conure mutations

Conure mutation: Lutino mutation in the conure pyrrhura molinae Benjamin Canou returns once again to our site to share with us his feedback on the lutino mutation in the conure pyrrhura molinae. Lutino mutation in the pyrrhura conure bird conure types A little history… The lutino mutation appeared in 2010 or 2011 in a Belgian … Read more

Reproduction of conure

conure baby

Reproduction of conure: The reproduction of pyrrhuras molinae is a subject close to my heart. Because for many years I have been raising this species as a pet bird. Here I am finally approaching the subject in all possible detail. How do birds reproduce Reproduction of conure To start the reproduction of pyrrhura, it is important … Read more

Pyrrhura Molinae

Pyrrhura Molinae

Pyrrhura Molinae: Green-cheeked parakeet small parrot, filled with personality and joy of life, not very noisy, measuring 26 cm, 60 to 80 grams. Their life expectancy is 20-25 years Pyrrhura molinae habitat In the wild, the green-cheeked conure lives in colonies. In captivity, being found in the majority of cases alone, it is essential to … Read more