Pyrrhura Molinae

Pyrrhura Molinae: Green-cheeked parakeet small parrot, filled with personality and joy of life, not very noisy, measuring 26 cm, 60 to 80 grams. Their life expectancy is 20-25 years

Pyrrhura molinae habitat

In the wild, the green-cheeked conure lives in colonies. In captivity, being found in the majority of cases alone, it is essential to consider her as a full member of the family.

Leaving your conure without any interaction, in or on its cage, in a park, or on a porch will make your bird unhappy.

The Pyrrhura Molinae is a fun and smart parrot-like African Grey Parrot Bird Species that love being with people and is very playful and afraid of nothing.

With a green cheek, you will get an intelligent, cuddly bird. They love to play and have their own personalities.

The very cry green cheeked parakeet, the ones that cry, is that there is something missing in their life. Also, do not put a green cheek in front of a window, because the activity outside will make him scream.

Hand-fed, Pyrrhura Molinae is very affectionate and sociable, needing to be in close contact with his human companion. They are really fun, they play with a ball (their favorite toy) and get on their backs.

They are ready to do anything to get your attention. For speech, they can say several words.

He loves to take his bath and even he bathes in his bucket if you forget to provide him with a dish for bathing, or a small shower under the tap, as soon as they hear the water running, they want to go under the tap.

Green Cheek Conure Care | A Complete Guide

SOURCE:Happy Tails

Conure reproduction


The Pyrrhura Molinae conure is very pro folic and produces between 4 to 6 eggs like most pyrrhuras. Age of reproduction: To be more effective, green-cheeked conures must be mature and preferably more than 1.5 years.

Conure cage

As a pet bird, at this age, it can be more dominant, but it is a phase that will pass and with the advice of your breeder, you can make it past this adolescence crisis.

Are very robust, playful, and very intelligent birds, they easily learn to imitate sounds, whistle and speak and learn a few tricks, if you have the time and patience.

The Green-cheeked Parakeet

The green cheeks are perfect for living in an apartment, unlike the sun (aratinga family) which has a shrill cry.

 love to climb and play and need a cage that allows them to move around freely with lots of toys to keep them occupied.

Boredom is one of the factors for destructive behavior. Puzzle, interactive, colorful, textured, and sound-making toys are all great and a great way to keep your conure busy and entertained.

They like time out of the cage but they need to be watched unless you want them to re-decorate your home!

Food includes feed, fruit, fresh vegetables daily, sprouted legumes,s and as a snack, grains.

The Pyrrhura Molinae’s natural color is green, with blue flight feathers, and the tail is red and on the bottom of its belly.

Now there are some mutations of conure: cinnamon, yellow side pineapple (pineapple), and turquoise (blue) Here are some photos. Also at the end of the videos page.

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