Catherine Parakeet

Barred parakeet another name: Toui catherine or barred parakeet or lineolated parakeet or linnies
Scientific name: Bolborhynchus lineola

The lineolated parakeet, or Barred parakeet or linnies, is a small psittacid with a nice green plumage. This bird is considered easy to tame, especially because of the sweetness of its temperament.

Photo: Catherine Perruche bird on Woopets
Family Psittacidae
Kind Bolborhynchus
Weight From 50 gr to 60 gr
Cut 16 cm
Life expectancy 15 years average life expectancy of a Catherine Parakeet is around  15 years.

Geographical area

The geographical origins of the Catherine Parakeet are mainly located in Latin America, in countries such as Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela.

History of the breed

The first description of the Catherine Parakeet was made in 1853 by an American ornithologist by the name of John Cassin.

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Physical features

The Catherine Parakeet is characterized by its small size, as well as by its plumage, the dominant color of which is green. Stripes are present on the bottom.

In the male, the tail feathers, called rectrices, are entirely black. In the female, this coloration is not found on half of this surface. However, only DNA can determine the sex of the bird with certainty.

There are several mutations concerning Catherine Parakeets bred in captivity: lutino, blue, turquoise, cobalt, olive green, cremino…

Behavior and character

The Catherine Parakeet or barred parakeet is known for its soft and calm temperament, which makes it an easy bird to tame.

In terms of activities, the Perruche Catherine loves to play, climb and perform acrobatics.

Lineolated Parakeets Talking

SOURCE: Love of Pets


The diet of the Catherine Parakeet consists of various seeds: saffron, oats, buckwheat, millet, flax … It also feeds on germinated seeds. Its diet is to be supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables: cucumber, carrot, corn, cooked beans, cooked peas …

It is also essential to ensure that the Perruche Catherine has fresh and clean water, to be renewed daily, or even several times a day.


With the Perruche Catherine, sexual maturity occurs around the age of 10 months. However, it is strongly advised not to let her mate before the age of 18 months.

If, in the wild, the female Parakeet Catherine nests in December, the period of reproduction in captivity extends almost throughout the year.

There are generally 4 to 7 eggs per laying. The mother broods it for 22 days.


In terms of health, the Catherine Parakeet is a rather robust bird, which simply needs to be protected from drafts. She has little to fear as long as she receives basic care and adequate nutrition.

Way of life

The barred parakeet needs a large cage to place in the living room or living room, rather than in a room with little traffic.

Regarding perches, it is recommended to opt for the so-called therapeutic models, which have a smooth texture on top and a rough texture below. They are to be preferred to those in plastic because they are likely to irritate the legs of the bird.

La Perruche Catherine calls for a weekly bath in lukewarm water under supervision.

Catherine’s Parakeet the Catherine’s Parakeet – What is a Lineolated Parakeet? What is a Linnie?

SOURCE: Daybird Aviaries

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