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Clean bird cage: Cleaning the cage or aviary is one of the basic tasks when you have a pet bird. How to proceed, how often, and which product to use?
  • Why should you clean your pet bird’s cage?
  • What are the cleaning tasks and how often to perform them?
  • What products to use for cleaning and disinfection?

The cleanliness of the environment in which a pet bird lives is an aspect that must always be taken seriously. Our feathered companions indeed need to evolve in a healthy space to be happy and healthy.

Why should you clean your pet bird’s cage?

Over the course of its use, the cage or aviary can accommodate a wide variety of elements carrying significant dangers for birds.

These range from bacteriaparasitesgermsleftover food, and droppings. These are all possible factors of the disease, which can worsen considerably over time if the Clean bird cage is not done according to the rules of the art.

On the other hand, the lack of hygiene has consequences on the atmosphere all around, in the room where the cage is located, and even in the whole house.

The accumulation of droppings, dirt, and bacteria ends up generating unpleasant odors that can quickly invade the home.

Without forgetting the health risk to which all members of the family may come into contact with these materials, starting with children.

What are the cleaning tasks and how often to perform them?

Clean the cage of his pet Parrot

When purchasing the cage, whether new or used, it is strongly recommended to Clean bird cage.

The goal is to remove any chemical residues that could be toxic to birds. Once washed, the cage must be well dried before welcoming its future occupants.

Next, a little cleaning will be done every day, while cleaning further be realized 2 times a week.

Daily maintenance consists of a Clean bird cage. If it is removable, simply remove it to empty it and rinse it thoroughly, before drying and replacing it.

Otherwise, it will be necessary to ensure that the bird does not escape. It is best, however, to place it in another cage or bird carrier for cleaning.

As for the in-depth treatment of the cage, to be carried out on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, it requires transferring the birds, because the operation must reach all corners.

This involves removing and disinfecting all accessories from the cage or aviary: drinkers, feeders, perches, tub, and various games.

The bottom is also to be cleaned and then disinfected, just like the bars. For the latter, a brush and a damp cloth can be used.

Once the cage and accessories have been cleaned and dried, the birds can be replaced.

What to use to clean bird cage

To Clean bird cage, you can use washing-up liquid. The rinsing and drying steps must be carried out carefully to leave no trace of detergent.

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To disinfect the cage, its walls, its bars, and its accessories, it is possible to use white vinegar.

There are also specific products offered commercially, including in pet stores. They are usually in the form of a spray.

Finally, even if bleach is a powerful disinfectant, its use in sanitizing the cage of its pet bird is quite risky. Again, the rinsing should be perfect.

How to clean a bird cage

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