Foods toxic to parrots

Foods toxic to parrots: The health and well-being of our pet parrots are determined by several aspects, one of the most important of which is the food we give them.
The diet of our feathered friends must exclude certain foods which, if they are good for us, are dangerous for them.
What foods are toxic to the pet bird? Why are they dangerous?

What foods are toxic to parrots

Garlic, onion, shallot, leek, spring onion …

Oniongarlicshallotsspring onions (green onions), and leeks are part of the allium family (or lily) and the Allium genus.

These foods are to be totally banned, in all their forms (raw, cooked, and dried), from the diet of the pet bird, whatever the species.

The danger that these vegetables represent for the health, even life, of pet birds is constituted by the sulfur compounds which they contain.

By being chewed, the latter generates thisulfinates, which then change into dipropenyl disulfide, the toxicity of which to our winged companions is proven.

It triggers, in fact, the destruction of the envelope of red blood cells, and the bird is therefore in an anemia situation.

These sulfur compounds also cause significant irritation and ulcers.

Seeds and fruit stones

Foods toxic to the pet parrot

Fruits and vegetables are essential for our birds because they provide them with valuable intakes of vitamins and minerals. However, their seeds and pits are dangerous.

Apple seeds and almond kernels, for example, are toxic when they are digested by the bird.

They contain, in fact, a cyanide derivative capable of causing more or less serious digestive symptoms, ranging from discomfort to death.

It is also advisable to wash the fruits well and peel them, as the skin may contain traces of pesticides.


The lawyer made, too, of the food to banish the feeders of our pet birds. First, because it is too fatty for them, but also because it contains persine, a toxin which can give rise to a variety of symptoms:

apathy or, conversely, agitation, vomiting, difficulties respiratory … This can go as far as the sudden death of the bird.

Raw potato

The raw potato contains solanine, an alkaloid (gluco-alkaloid, to be precise) which even in minute doses, may cause digestive problems in birds.

Raw potatoes should therefore also be avoided.

Chocolate and coffee

As with dogs and cats, chocolate and coffee are extremely dangerous for birds. The reason is that they contain theobromine and caffeine (a compound similar to theobromine). The latter is responsible for liver and heart failure.

These alkaloids can actually trigger cardiac or respiratory arrest, very soon after ingestion by the bird.

Dairy products, meat, and fish

Birds are not able to produce the enzymes necessary to support the digestion of dairy productsmeat, and fish. So don’t give it to them.

Other Toxic Foods for the parrot

The list of toxic food for the parrot also includes:

  • the mushrooms
  • The peanuts (especially for smaller birds, not to give in small quantities to the larger parrots)
  • The eggplant
  • the rhubarb
  • the citrus
  • The raw tomato (in small quantities)
  • Sweet and salty foods
  • The alcohol …

Foods That Are Toxic to Parrots


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