Hand raised parakeet

Hand raised parakeet: This method is different from the MAN. It consists of removing the chick from the nest before it opens its eyes, i.e.

around 10 days depending on the species so that it is fed by humans using a syringe or a spoon and the breeding marsh. Thus the bird will become a familiar bird close to its master in most cases.

In contrast, hand breeding is a very controversial method in the breeding environment. On the one hand, there is the anti-Hand Raised parrot who condemns it completely (except in the case of the rescue of chicks abandoned by their parents).

For them, nature is not respected all the more the Hand Raised parrot will never have a birdlife.

On the other hand, there is the pro-Hand Raised parrot who supports this type of breeding to obtain a tame and manipulable bird but also to meet the demand of individuals to have a companion bird knowing that a Hand Raised parrot bird sells for more. expensive than an EPP bird.

Hand Raised parrotHand raised parakeet

Fortunately, not all breeders are created equal. On the one hand there are the bad guys who only think about profit and on the other hand the good guys who do it out of passion and love.

For you to judge

Hand Raised

Hand Raised parrot is generally close to humans provided that the hand feeding is done with love and by handling the chick daily.

A bird just force-fed with food without manipulation on the part of its healer does not guarantee to obtain a tame bird.

To have a well-tamed companion bird (AET) is the dream of many people, including me. Even more, the hooked beaks are very intelligent, curious, clownish, and endearing.

It is enough to watch videos of parakeets on the net to realize. However, one should also not overlook the disadvantages of having a Hand Raised parrot bird.

  • A bird separated from its parents very early (before the eyes are opened in any case) and raised by humans will not have learned any of the social codes of birds. It is up to you to teach him all the rules to which he will have to comply during his life. This is a lot of work.


  • Take care of it daily, so have time to spend with your bird.


  • He is very dependent on humans. It is not uncommon for the hand-raised bird to start screaming abnormally and very disturbingly to call you if you are not in the line of sight.


  • If the bird feels neglected for one reason or another. This can lead him to develop behavioral disorders (aggressiveness, significant stress, pecking…).


  • The Hand Raised parrot is generally a bad parent. He will tend not to take care of the young, simply because he does not know what to do.

For this last point, I will put a caveat. For me this is not a reliable rule, there are many cases of AME that take good care of their young.

Adopting an Hand Raised parrot is a big, double-edged sword. The decision must be carefully considered (pose the pros and cons) to live in harmony and have moments of happiness with this feathered hen.

Tame Young Bird – Hand Fed Budgie

SOURCE: Budgies and Feathered Friends

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