Parrot Egg candling

Parrot Egg candling: When our birds lay eggs, it is quite natural because they want to have babies. But also because we wanted this happy event to happen.

And so as not to have false hopes, we, therefore, appreciate knowing if these eggs will succeed or if there is nothing to expect from them. Egg candling is our solution for determining the fertility of eggs.

How to egg candling

The egg candling may take a third of the incubation period (usually from the 7th day with an uncertainty of +2 days).

Hence the importance of knowing exactly which egg was laid at which time. Because the eggs are not always laid at the same time.

For this and after each laying, the eggs are marked. Beware of markers whose solvents pass through the shell.

Tip: you can lightly mark the eggs with food coloring diluted in egg yolk and a little water and use a brush (don’t take yourself for Picasso lol).

How to carry out a candling of eggs? 


To mirror eggs, simply place the egg near a light source to illuminate its interior. Next, look through the shell so as to discern characteristic signs of the development of the embryo.

A spider web (blood bundles) or a blinking dot represents the heart of the low embryo. If this is the case,

all you have to do is wait and cross your fingers so that the development of the embryo goes smoothly … if in doubt you can wait a few days to start again.

To make the exercise more effective, the candling of the eggs must be done in a dark room for perfect transparency.

How can you brown the eggs?

egg candling day 7

As I said above, for egg candling, we need a source of light. In shops or on the internet, there are practical and portable egg testers at reasonable prices.

However, if the light source is powerful and overheating, it is not necessary to have direct contact between the bulb and the egg to preserve the latter.

Tip: Personally, I use the flashlight on my phone which does the job well (see video) 

But beyond our natural curiosity, the candling of eggs is often necessary to prevent parents from fatigue by incubating eggs that are not fertilized.

Candling Parakeets Eggs



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