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Parrot Feather: Often, the fact that your parrot loses its feathers is nothing to worry about, since birds naturally lose their plumage twice a year to renew it (moult). However, the track of the disease is not to be excluded, particularly if the parrot is scratching. It should be known that certain health problems can cause the loss of feathers in the bird. What are the causes of feather loss in parrots? And how to act in this case? The answer is below!

Why is parrot losing feathers

Moulting and feather pecking are the two main non-pathological causes of feather loss in parrots. If your veterinarian does not identify any disease that could be the cause of the loss of feathers, then it is most likely a moult, recognizable by the presence of small black-tipped tubes on the parrot’s head. Like other birds, the latter naturally renews its plumage at least twice a year to sport a new one, able to properly fulfill its functions.

A perfectly natural phenomenon, shedding should in no way alarm you, quite the contrary. Getting rid of old feathers to replace them with new ones is essential for the parrot, and more generally for birds. However, as we explained in another post, the moult is a rather delicate period to manage for the parrot, inducing pain and fatigue, the bird being obliged to draw more on its resources.

Besides moulting, pecking is the other non-pathological reason that could explain the loss of feathers in the parrot. For those who do not know, remember that pecking is a behavioral disorder of the bird, pushing it to voluntarily tear out its feathers (self-pecking), or leading it to tear out the feathers of its congeners. Generally, pecking is caused by a state of stress or depression, and sometimes by a nutritional deficiency.

Parrot feather problems: pathological causes

Stressed parrot feathers

Dermatitis, PBFD, feather hemorrhages… several pathological causes can be at the origin of the loss of feathers in the parrot. In any case, it is essential to consult your veterinarian if you suspect that your bird’s feather loss is not due to moulting.

One of the most common causes of plumage drop is dermatitis, a common skin disease in parrots. The virus that causes this disease has not yet been identified, however, dermatitis is known to cause itching due to inflammation of the bird’s follicles. In response to the itching, the parrots cratches conspicuously, which results in a significant loss of feathers.

A parrot that is losing its feathers may also have PBFD (Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease), or Feather and Beak Disease Syndrome, a viral disease that usually manifests at molting. Caused by a virus from the Circovirus family, the disease causes abnormal regrowth of the beak and feathers (hence its name!), as well as the gradual loss of feathers.

That said, loss of feathers is not the most serious symptom of this disease. You should know that PBFD is an unfortunately incurable disease that inexorably leads to the death of the parrot because it causes immunosuppression which leads to the appearance of other diseases and infections.

Parrot losing feathers on chest treatment

The first thing to do if you notice your parrot losing its feathers is to consult your veterinarian urgently, especially if the bird is scratching at the same time. In this case, it is probably a pecking problem. The practitioner will proceed by carrying out a battery of tests, the aim being to rule out any possibility of infection: blood test, X-ray, and analyses…. Objective: to find an appropriate treatment, depending on the disease detected.

Taking care of a parrot

Parrot care

Among the measures to prevent the loss of parrot feathers, hygiene is of prime importance. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that you provide healthy living conditions for your parrot, in particular by cleaning its cage regularly to rid it of any possible parasites likely to develop there.

The hygiene of the parrot is just as important. Remember to groom your bird as frequently as possible, in addition to strengthening its plumage with the help of special sprays available in pet stores or at the veterinarian.

Fight depression quotes in parrot

We told you, feather pecking can be due to depression or stress, usually caused by boredom. Hence the importance of fighting against the boredom of the parrot, in particular by offering him your company as often as possible. It is also important to provide her with toys so that she can have fun, or leave the TV or the radio on to occupy her mind.

If you don’t have time to spend with your parrot, consider finding a companion with whom you can have fun and communicate. If you are interested in parrots, you certainly know that they are very sensitive to the company of their congeners. Alone, they are bored and depressed.

Diet of parrot

best parrot food

Remember that a nutritional deficiency can also be the cause of feather loss, which is why you must ensure that you offer a healthy and balanced diet to your parrot: raw parrots, twigs, branches, cores, etc.

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