Parrot senegal

Parrot Senegal or Parrot youyou, is recognizable by its green plumage, its gray head, and its silver cheeks.

On a daily basis, it is a pleasant and even fun companion to observe, especially because of its acrobatics.

Most often, he attaches himself to his only master and does not allow the rest of the family to easily approach him.

Other name: Perroquet youyou
Scientific name: Poicephalus senegalus

Family Psittacidae
Kind Poicephalus
Weight From 170 gr to 200 gr
Cut From 20 cm to 26 cm
senegal Parrot lifespan 25 to 30 years oldThe average life expectancy of the Youyou in Senegal is between  25  and  30 years .

Senegal Parrot habitat

Youyou from Senegal

The Youyou of Senegal lives in several countries in central and western Africa: Senegal, therefore, but also Nigeria, Mali, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, and even Chad. Its natural habitat is found in wooded and arid savannas. The species also appreciates baobab forests.

It is also not uncommon to meet this bird in certain European cities, notably Barcelona in Spain, where it has perfectly acclimated.

History of the breed

It is to the Swedish naturalist Carl von Linné that we owe the description of the Youyou parrot of Senegal in 1766.

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Physical features

The Youyou from Senegal is a medium-sized parrot, recognizable by its gray head, its green body, its lighter-colored wings and tail, and its silver cheeks.

There are 3 subspecies (apart from hybrids) which are distinguished mainly by the color of their belly:

  • The most commonly encountered is Poicephalus s. yellow-bellied senegalus.
  • The belly of Poicephalus s. mesotypus is orange in color.
  • Poicephalus s. versteri is red-bellied.

The color of the eyes of the Youyou of Senegal tends towards yellow-orange. Its beak is dark gray and black, while its legs are gray.

In addition, the male is generally characterized by an entirely yellow underside of the tail. In the female, this region is either green or green and yellow.

Senegal Parrot Behavior

In its natural environment, the Youyou of Senegal evolves either in pairs or within groups made up of 10 to 20 birds.

In captivity, this parrot is extremely endearing. It is fun to observe, especially when he starts performing acrobatics.

Very playful, he only asks to be properly socialized. The Youyou of Senegal, however, risks trusting only its owner and becoming very suspicious of the rest of the family, to the point of being aggressive sometimes.

Senegal Parrot Food

The diet of Youyou in Senegal consists mainly of seeds, fruits, vegetables, buds, and shoots. He particularly likes apples, bananas, and grapes, which are to be given fresh and well washed.

It is also important to remove rotten fruit from the cage. A cuttlefish bone, a mineral stone, or a block of iodine make it possible to complete the contributions.


In the Youyou of Senegal, the breeding period is generally between September and November.

There are between 1 and 4 eggs per laying. The mother then incubates for 28 days. The chicks start to leave the nest around the age of 9 or 10 weeks.


Youyou in Senegal can be prone to various diseases, including aspergillosis, a respiratory condition caused by fungi that develop in seeds.

The salmonella and the itch beak and nostrils are also part of the pathologies that may affect that parrot. Furthermore, it is essential to protect it against intestinal worms.

Way of life

Youyou senegal

The minimum dimensions of a cage for Youyou from Senegal are 80 cm for the length and the height, and 50 cm for the depth.

The cage is also called to be regularly opened because this parrot likes to play, spread its wings and accompany its master.

It is important to leave strong toys made of natural materials such as wood available. Without forgetting the essential feeders, drinkers, and perches.

Kili Senegal Parrot – Petting and Purring Parrot

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