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From my point of view, the evolution of parrotlet babies from birth to weaning is divided into 3 parts.

Part 1:  has pushed slowly but surely!

parrotlet bird

parrotlet pacific

During the first few days, I managed to see the babies but it was very difficult. The mother did not want to leave her shrimp anymore. So I listened to the babies’ parrotlet through the walls of the nest just to reassure myself …

It took me a good week for the mother to decide to leave the nest. This allowed me to better control the babies afterward.

They were all rikiki forming a shrimp melee. When a baby broke away from the group, it waddled with its head counterbalancing …

During this period, saying that I have not missed anything about the evolution of the Heavenly parrotlet Babies. Certainly, the babies gained weight but without a real physical transformation.

Part 2: The beginning of the transformation

parrot evolution

parrotlet pacific

A few days after the ringing of the Heavenly Babies, I began to observe that their bodies were getting darker and darker. This was synonymous with the arrival of the tubes first and then the plumage.


The photos above show the sudden change in older babies in just 5 days. In the first photo he was 12 days old, in the second photo 14 days, and in the last photo 16 days.

Part 3: The transformation is progressing at big V speed

parrot feather growth

parrotlet pacific

From the 18th day, the transformation progressed in a spectacular way. At first, the tubes fully grew and the plumage began to appear.

The photos above show the sudden change in older babies in just 5 days. In the first photo he was 18 days old, in the second photo 20 days, and in the last photo 23 days.

Then, in 6 days the plumage was almost finished as shown in the photos below. In the first photo, the baby was 25 days old, in the second photo he was 27 days old, and in the third photo, he was 29 days old.

In my eyes, the evolution of babies all over the world progresses exponentially and rapidly. Within a month, the plumage has fully grown.

But the radical change has taken place during the last 2 weeks. I was really amazed by this species, certainly very small but it gave me a lot of pleasure.

Evolution of parrotlet Celestial Babies in Groups

At the first start of the evolution of the sparrow parakeets, I focused on the eldest of the brood, so I decided to also share with you the progress of the entire group of young parrotlet.

I think I did the tour of the evolution of parrotlet babies. It took me a long time to write and illustrate this article but one thing is certain, I will come back soon with a new topic on the taming of celestial tours babies

Meet my New Talking Baby Parrotlet!

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