Peach fronted conure

Peach fronted conure ( Eupsittula aurea, syn .: Aratinga aurea ) is a South American species of parrot.

In a reappraisal of the ” Systema Naturæ ” by Johann Friedrich Gmelin in the years 1788 to 1793, the Peach fronted conure is probably mentioned for the first time.

The species has long been assigned to the macaws ( Aratinga ). In the meantime, however, it is placed in the genus Eupsittula on the basis of molecular genetic studies.


The body length of the Peach fronted conure is 26 cm. He is a small, green macaw with a black beak.

The forehead and front skull are yellow-orange, the back dull blue. The eye ring is covered with feathers. Throat, cheeks, and chest are pale olive-brown.

The unrecognized, larger subspecies Eupsittula aurea major differs little from Eupsittula aurea aurea. It is slightly darker green and the yellow-orange area on the forehead and front skull is paler.

Peach fronted conures do not show sexual dimorphism. Juveniles are duller colored, their pale gray eye-ring uncovered by feathers.

A Peach Fronted Conure’s Morning Routine

SOURCE: The Cybersalt Site


Golden-crowned Parakeet

The range of the Peach fronted conure extends from southern Suriname and extreme northeastern Brazil south to eastern Bolivia, southeastern Peru, and northwestern Argentina.

The species increases in size along a geographic axis to the southwest. The distribution area of ​​the possible subspecies Eupsittula aurea major is not clearly determined, there are sightings from northern Paraguay.

Habitat and way of life

The Golden-crowned Parakeet prefers open forests, plots of commercial forest, pastureland, and scrubland with low vegetation up to an altitude of 600 m.

It lives in pairs or in small groups of up to 8 birds. It forages in tall grass, in bushes, in low trees, and in the crowns of trees at the edge of grassland. Often he eats on the ground.

Peach Fronted Conure, The Best Pet Parrot?

SOURCE: Five’s A Flock with Coro

Conservation status

The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) classifies the Golden-fronted Parakeet as Least Concern (LC) because of its very large distribution area and apparently stable population.

It is listed in the Washington Convention on the Protection of Species (CITES) in Appendix II and in EC Regulation 709/2010 [EC] in Appendix B and is particularly protected under the Federal Nature Conservation Act [BG] (Status::b).

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