Breed parrots

Breed parrots

Parrots are characterized by their beautiful plumage, character, and ability to imitate sounds. Some species are charming and friendly pet parrots. There are many Breed parrots. Discover in this article four breeds of parrots  : the cockatoos, the amazons, the great Eclectus, and the Senegal parrot. The word ” parrot ” is not scientific, but … Read more

Parrot Breeders

parrot breeders

HomParrot Breeders: I am sorry to see that the breeders want to throw in the towel. Today I am writing this article to give my support to all passionate and serious breeders and those who struggle at all times to keep their work and give back a good image to the breeders. Building a hook-billed … Read more

Parrotlet breeding

parrotlet breeding

Parrotlet breeding: The reproduction of the parrotlet is a subject that I had the possibility of treating a long time ago. Because quite simply, I was able to discuss with breeders of Celestial parrotlet and I even had the opportunity to visit superb breeding that you can see here. It was just to tell you … Read more