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Building a hook-billed farm requires a lot of investment at all levels. Both personally and financially. Sacrifices that no one sees …

Unfortunately, the first visible things are the drifts of the breeding which circulate at a high speed

(sale of unweaned birds, sick birds, deplorable living conditions…). With this unfortunate trend, to put everyone in the same bag.

So just last week, I visited a proper Heavenly parrotlet Farm. It set the record straight for me and I had fun.

I guarantee it, this is not an exception at all. Many breeders have a sense of ethics. They are up to standard and they do not hesitate to invest and optimize the living conditions of their birds as much as possible …

Breeders as we like them

how to breed parrotsParrot Breeders

I have been living my passion for hooked beaks for several years now and have been able to talk to many breeders.

  • Like Christophe beaks and feathers. He is a passionate breeder who does not hesitate to share his know-how. He writes so well that I always envy him lol. It was just to tell you that you can be a breeder and at the same time cultivate. Thanks to his passion,  he was able to set up “Le Grenier des Oiseaux”. It is an online store dedicated to the well-being of our birds and other animals. I had followed his adventure and I can tell you that it was not a piece of cake …  At the moment, he is suffering the vagaries of breeding, to the point that he wants to stop everything. For him:

Passion has its limits We are increasingly constrained by regulations initiated by movements of m ** which assimilate us all to bird dealers…. Passion has this cost, time, human cost, that no one sees. No weekend, no vacation, no free time for more than a few hours a day.

All these sacrifices are often held by a thread This thread has broken with a huge loss for me, who raises or to raise caiques knows the difficulty, the work, the time it takes to get there…. losing this female I loved is rude.

My birds are not laying hens, I care about it, everyone… There, I just don’t have the courage to start over… what’s the point… the legislation is getting tougher, the breeders are more and more hated…

So do not hesitate to give your support to Christophe to motivate him. I’m counting on your friends.

best parrot breedersParrot Breeders

  • There is also Thierry Renaudin whom I appreciate. Every time I asked for him, he answered the present. He is always available to share his feedback on his breeding and his know-how to help others … A breeder is not only there to breed birds, but also to transmit and share his passion.


  • I also know another talented breeder, it’s Mayumi. And yes breeding is not just a man’s business. She is not the only one in this field. It is proof of mutations of certain species. She built her breeding little by doing Kms. She has invested a lot in time and money (more than you can imagine) to offer the best possible conditions to these birds … You can see it yourself here.


  • Jonathan (he will recognize himself) is a young breeder of molian pyrrhura . For him, the breeding of mutating pyrrhura was his passion. However, also breeding wild type pyrrhura is a duty and a fundamental principle that every breeder must respect. Not only because the protection of this species depended on it, but also to have robust and healthy subjects… Whereas a wild type costs much less than a mutation. A conscious breeder is not just there for profit.


I have cited just a few examples of breeders that I know of. I could have made a whole list as long as the arm.

I find it important to value the work provided by the breeders. Of course, the drifts of breeding must be banned. On the other hand, we must not forget to encourage the breeders and to say so when it is the case.

It might motivate them even more. Without forgetting that breeders represent an inexhaustible source of information and free of charge. Then, who says a happy breeder, says parrots well in their feathers.

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