Banding parrots

Banding parrots: The banding of parakeets (in my opinion) is quite complicated.  The tibia is very short, which complicates the task.

While in the cockatiel or the pyrrhura conure, banding is simpler. The tibia and the fingers are quite long, therefore easier to pass the fingers.


At the time of banding, moreover, in this regard, there is no clearly defined date. He tells himself that from the opening of the eyes that the banding can begin.

It may be true. But this should not be a generality. Because everything will depend on the number of babies in the brood.

From 2 to 3 babies, banding can begin before the eyes are opened if the babies’ size allows it. And the more there are, the later the banding is done …

Regarding me, I would say that from 8 days you have to start checking the size of babies and legs. In addition, several banding temptations are to be expected.

Bird Leg Band Identification | Bird ID

SOURCE: Love Your Parrot

Banding parrots: The ring can slip off while the baby is in the nest. The leg is still small, especially since the babies wriggle a lot in the nest.

Do not wait several days to start over because babies gain weight quickly. It is possible that the ring does not hold the day of the banding and the next day it is barely to pass it or even impossible.

So during this banding period, I personally stay on high alert. I check the nest several times a day.

It may be exaggerated but the expression ”  better late than never  ” will not apply in our case and we risk missing the banding with a closed ring.

Over time, you start to have more experience in determining the exact time of banding. Which is the case for me now ?

To illustrate my point, here is a video in which I ring two baby parakeet Catherines. One of the two is Hope for people who know his story.

How to put a ring on your parrot leg (parrot banding)

SOURCE: scmagen

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