Bathing a parakeet

Bathing a parakeet is essential. You should know that this type of parrot is very demanding in terms of hygiene. It is particularly attached to the constant cleanliness of its plumage. The latter depends on its ability to fly and move. But it is also a question of health and well-being. Immersion in water allows it to hydrate its skin. This is why it is necessary to give it to him at least twice a week.

You will discover that the bath is not only vital for the parakeet. It is also a real pleasure because it is a moment that she particularly appreciates. This explains why she does not hesitate to take advantage of it whenever the opportunity arises. Also, do not deprive him of it for too long. Otherwise, you can offer him a shower.

Does your bird constantly splash water from its drinker? This is the sign that he wants to wash. Find out how to give a parakeet a bath.

How to get your parakeet to take a bath

You guessed it, it won’t be enough to dunk your bird in the bathtub or the sink. It is still a delicate animal, with special needs. And he’s not necessarily going to like it the first time. So, you must prepare well to make this first experience a success.

bathing a parrot

Bathing your parakeet: what water to use?

There is no question of letting your bird dive into dirty, soiled, or muddy water. Although she won’t hesitate to splash around in it to dust off her plumage and rid it of any impurities. To bathe the parakeet, opt for clean, potable water, in other words, water that you could drink yourself.

As for the temperature, there is no need to boil water or heat it up for that matter. The parakeet will be satisfied with cold water, but not too much anyway. So avoid ice water, and opt instead for water that is slightly lukewarm or at room temperature. For the little trick, pour the water into the bowl, place it in the sun, wait half an hour, and voila!

Where to bathe the parakeet?

Who says bath says something in which the parakeet will be able to dive. So if you don’t have one at hand that can meet this condition, you can already install your parakeet in the sink to start. The advantage is that you will have the choice between two possibilities:

for a bath, you can put the stopper on and let your bird splash once the sink is full. Alternatively, you can also let the water trickle out. You will see, he will appreciate letting him lie on his plumage, but in this case, we will rather talk about a shower and not a bath.

The ideal, however, would be to use a special bathtub, designed precisely for the bathing of birds. You will find it without a worry in the trade, and the advantage is that you can install it directly in the cage of your bird. Failing this, you can also use – if you have one – a medium-sized toilet bowl; or a large enough drinker.

The third option would be to use a vaporizer. That way, you won’t even have to take your parakeet out of its aviary. All you have to do is spray it with water. You will see how it will spread its wings to enjoy the freshness.

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SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

How to proceed to give a bath to his parakeet?

Rest assured, you won’t have to bathe him in the literal sense of the word. The parakeet is actually able to clean itself. Your role will therefore be confined to providing clean water and monitoring it closely. It is essential if the basin is deep because your bird risks drowning.

That said, if he is going to take his bath for the first time, and if he refuses to go directly into the water, you can intervene to encourage him to do so. The most effective technique in this kind of situation is to use trickery. You can, for example, put food that he likes at the bottom of the basin. As soon as he sees it, he will hasten to go get it. Other owners put up a mirror or her favorite toy to arouse her curiosity.

Only, in order not to scare him and to avoid any accident, start with a shallow bath. Once the parakeet is completely comfortable in the water, you can increase the amount of water as you go.

Do parakeets like baths

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

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