Why won’t my parakeet eat

Why won’t my parakeet eat: A parakeet that isn’t eating shouldn’t worry you so much. Indeed, a lack of appetite is not necessarily a sign of a serious internal disease or injury. It is rather, most of the time, a trivial problem that can be solved in a few minutes. So if you’re wondering ” why isn’t my parakeet eating?”

New parakeet not eating

You just bought the parakeet and it has only been there for two days? It’s completely normal for her to not eat the way you want her to. Being a “prey” bird, it has this habit of apprehending any environment that seems hostile to it. You should therefore be patient and wait for her to get used to her new place of life or to get her bearings before you can eat normally.

Otherwise, remember that your parakeet can only eat at night. If in 24 hours, you notice that she is not feeding, even though she is not showing any physical weakness, then know that she is having a feast when you are not there to observe her.

Do parakeets get lonely


The parakeet is a very affectionate and sociable bird. To this end, she does not like being alone, whether she is in a cage or at large. Even if you give her your full attention, she will still want the presence of another parrot to keep her company, day or night. If she refuses to eat like this, offer her a friend who will give her more motivation.

With a companion in his cage, your bird will enjoy his days better as you will no longer have any trouble feeding him.

Parakeet does not like its feeder

You can buy him the prettiest feeder, but when the parakeet does not like the model, he will never eat in it. The shape, the depth, the width, all these criteria are observed by the bird and can affect its appetite for good or bad.

If despite a change of accessory, he still does not want to swallow anything, the ideal would be to place his food at the bottom of his cage or in small saucers. This would break the too “formal” atmosphere of the traditional manager.

The parakeet does not like its meals

The parakeet does not eat when it does not like what you serve it. It is therefore not necessary to put biscuits, dried fruit, or breadcrumbs in its cage when the bird wants to feed on seeds.

The trick is to go to the nearest pet store to get the ideal food for the type of parakeet you have. Do not hesitate to seek advice from the store manager if you have trouble making your choice. He will be able to advise you on the “special parakeet” mixture that will suit you.

She can’t find the seeds

You should know that before eating its seeds, the parakeet opens them first. By dropping the envelopes on the surface, the bird then covers the other seeds not yet started and hides them without realizing it.

If you don’t bother to clear away the trash, your budgie will think it’s finished and there’s nothing left to eat. Since she doesn’t think to look for the buried seeds, she risks starving to death if you don’t help her.

His cage is not comfortable enough

When the parakeet is not comfortable, it has no desire to eat. Lack of ventilation, high heat, and insufficient space, there are many reasons why the parakeet does not feel comfortable enough in its cage.

This is why it is important to offer her an appropriate environment, so that she is in top form and that her appetite is always there. A well-ventilated space, neither too wide nor too tight, with a suitable number of perches, this is an ideal shelter that could guarantee the well-being of your bird.

The parakeet is traumatized

It is true that the parakeet is very talkative, but if you have just adopted it, make sure that it is put in a quiet place, away from the noise.

If you place her cage near a radio, a fan, or a dishwasher, she may be constantly afraid and never come out of her corner. Hence his refusal to eat. So make sure she feels safe and avoid exposing her to any form of noise disturbance if you want her to eat.

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