Can parrots eat watermelon

Can parrots eat watermelon: Watermelon is green spherical fruit of a climbing plant that contains a pulp of more than one color,
including red, yellow, and white, sweet in taste.

It is famous for its production in many countries, the most important of which are China, Turkey, Iran, and Brazil.

Watermelon, red watermelon, has many nutritional uses, including feeding parrots, and today we will discuss in detail the fruits of watermelon and their

Is watermelon toxic to parrots?

Parrots eat a lot of seeds and plant matter, and vegetable scraps can be a welcome feeding treat. …

other fruits, such as old-fashioned berries, raisins, grapes, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, watermelon seeds, melons, pumpkins, and cantaloupe can also be offered to the birds.

can parakeets eat watermelon

Watermelon nutritional value

It is known about watermelon fruits that the majority of their nutritional composition is water, so watermelon
contains 90% of water and the rest is a variety of nutrients and nutrients, which are found in every 100 grams
of watermelon in the following proportions:

Nutrients per 100 grams of watermelon

  • calories 33.99
  • grams of carbohydrates 7.55
  • grams of protein 0.61
  • grams of fat 0.15
  • grams of fiber 0.4
  • grams of sugars 6.2

Vitamins in every 100 grams of watermelon milligrams vitamin C 8.1 1

  • milligrams of vitamin B6 0.05
  • milligrams of vitamin E 0.05
  • IU Vitamin A 569
  • micrograms of vitamin K 0.1
  • micrograms of folic acid 3

Minerals and salts in every 100 grams of watermelon

  • milligrams of magnesium 10
  • milligrams of calcium 7
  • milligram sodium 1
  • milligrams of zinc 0.1
  • milligrams of copper 0.04
  • milligrams of manganese 0.04
  • milligrams of iron 0.24
  • micrograms of fluoride 0.4
  • micrograms of selenium 1.5

Can parrot eat watermelon

can a parrot eat watermelon

specifically, ornamental parrots differ from the rest in the benefits of other vegetables and fruits for parrots, due to the importance of watermelon in treating and solving
problems and diseases related to the intestines of parrots and their digestive system.

Among the most  important benefits of watermelon fruit for parrots and parrots are the following:

  •  Watermelon maintains the kidneys of parrots and prevents the formation of stones
  • Watermelons contain a large amount of water that helps ornamental parrots to overcome the high temperatures in the summer
  • Watermelon prevents the dehydration of parrots
  • Watermelon has the ability to lower blood pressure in ornamental parrots
  • Watermelon contributes to improving the digestion process in parrots and parrots because it contains a good percentage of fiber
  • Watermelon continuously renews the blood cells of parrots
  • Watermelon strengthens the immunity of parrots and raises their ability to resist diseases
  • Watermelon is a very good laxative for parrot constipation
  • Watermelon provides ornamental parrots with some activity and dynamism
  • Watermelon contains a good percentage of potassium and some important vitamins for ornamental parrots, protecting them from infection with different types of cancer
  • parrots get rid of harmful vesicle fungus
  • Good appetizer for parrots

How to introduce watermelon to pet parrots

Some breeders ask about how to offer watermelon to parrots, can canaries eat watermelon, and what is the appropriate amount of watermelon to feed these parrots.

The answer to these questions is summarized as follows. From the red pulp, the green watermelon rind, including the white layer, is washed well, then cut into the form of relatively small rectangular pieces.

For each parrot, one piece is provided once a week in winter and twice a week during the summer.

Watermelons are not often offered to parrots and parrots such as parakeets, budgies, and cockatiels so that these parrots do not get diarrhea the video below contains more information about the watermelon fruit and its importance to parrots and how to present it in detail.

SOURCE: Parrot Paradise

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