Cockatiel colors

Cockatiel colors: The meaning of mutation is that two main lineages are combined and a new mutation or color mutation is created.

For example, if a White-faced Cockatiel mates with a Lutino; You have a White-faced Lutten Cockatiel that has white-faced characteristics and a Lutino considered to be both breeds.

Cockatiels have 9 major lineages or color mutations, and each of these genera has 4 or 5 mutations. The meaning of mutation is that two main lineages are combined and a new mutation or color mutation is created.

For example, if a white cockatiel is mated with a Lutino; You have a White-faced Lutino cockatiel that has the characteristics of a white face and a Lutino that is both races.

Grey cockatiel

Elegant cockatiel


The Gray Strain is one of the most widely distributed and popular Cocktails around. In this breed, the body color is gray with a white background in the wings. This breed has either a yellow head or body color and has two beautiful orange spots on its cheeks.

In the Gray Cockatiel breed, there is a difference in color between the male and the female, which is why it is easy to determine their sex after the first molt. The head of the male of this breed is yellow, and his face is orange. As for the females, their whole body is gray, and their head has yellow stripes.

Pied Cockatiel

Pied Cockatiel


This breed was created around the time of the first color boom for cockatiels in 1920. The body plumage of a cockatiel is white, light gray or variegated, and yellow, and combining cockatiel colors.

Of course, you should bear in mind that the percentage of cockatiel colors in cockatiels is different, for example, about 70% of the body color may be yellow and tend to be orange, and the remaining 30% may be gray or a percentage of the body color may be yellow, white, Nescafe, or pearl and the wings Contrast color. Be aware that this is a sign of a full-fledged cocktail.

cockatiel males and females are very similar and it is difficult to determine the gender of this breed. Therefore, a blood or DNA test is needed to accurately determine the sex.

Lutino cockatiel

Lutino cockatiel

The Latino strain is the most widespread and popular cocktail strain. But in general, the breed is rare and out of every four birds, only one of them is lutein.

In this subspecies, the whole body is white or yellow (light yellow to white) and the bird’s head is slightly darker than its body and, like the gray subspecies, has two buff spots on its cheeks and a yellow crown.

Some lutino cockatiels may be without feathers and pubescent on the back of the head. The National Animal Protection Society has banned the breeding of the Lutino with the Cinnamon Cockatiel. Because it causes baldness in the chicken bird, which is a genetic defect.

The female Lutino cockatiel has yellow spots under her tail feathers, which are absent in the male Lutino. If you cannot see these spots under normal circumstances, check them under direct light.

Of course, it is best to use a blood or DNA test to determine the sex of a Lutino cockatiel. This method is more accurate than other methods of determining the sex of cockatiels.

Silver Cockatiel

Silver Cockatiel

Among the cockatiel types, the silver cockatiel is the most similar to the gray subspecies; The silverback breed was first created in a pet store in 1979 by a guy named Terry Cole from the mating of a white-faced male and an albino female.

If you are also thinking about breeding cockatiels, we have already written about their conditions, equipment, and points of interest on the site, we suggest you read it.

In the silver race, the females have lighter bodies and darker cheeks, while the males have darker bodies.

White face Cockatiel

White face Cockatiel

Whiteface cockatiels are the seventh color mutation of cockatiels and a mutation in the Lutinoe lineage. White-faced cockatiels are white or greyish-pink without orange cheeks, and their plumage is also gray.

It is easy to determine gender in the white race. Males have a white head, but females have gray head that matches the color of their bodies.

According to many citations, the white-faced types are very talented in speech.

Albino cockatiel

Albino cockatiel

The pure albino cockatiel is a bird that has been an albino for at least two generations. The pure albino is completely white without a single spot of other color and has red eyes and pink feet.

The albino is the most expensive of the cockatiel breeds.

Pearl Cockatiel

Pearl Cockatiel

The Pearl or Shell Cockatiel is the result of pairing a White Faced Cockatiel with a Lutino or Gray Cockatiel. This breed was first created in Germany in 1967 by Dr. Jacques Bartz, a great collector of parrots.

Pearl Cockatiels have gray plumage on a white background, yellow heads, and orange cheeks, and are the most beautiful color change of all Cockatiels.

The body plumage of this species is light gray and white, and because cockatiel colors are semi-striped, the bird’s body looks like a pearl or shell.

About 96% of oyster cocktails are said to be female. Because in this breed, the males lose their pearly color from the time of the first plumage and turn into Baltic Cockatiels.

Cinnamon cockatiel

Cinnamon cockatiel

In the Cinnamon Cockatiel, the body plumage is light brown, the bird’s head is yellow, and the cheeks are orange or peach.

Yellow face Cockatiel

Yellow face Cockatiel

In terms of appearance, this breed is very similar to the oyster breed, with the difference that it does not produce a sound by itself.

What gender cockatiel is better

Reproduction of cockatiels (my experience)

If we are to answer this question honestly, there is no better or worse race. There is no moral and behavioral difference between the types of Cockatiels, only in some traits, there are differences between them that are not proven and depend only on what is said and heard.

For example, the Lutino race is more intelligent than other races and gets along better with people. or the gray subspecies is more likely to talk than other types of the cockatiel.

But the truth is, the knack for most cocktails lies in the whistling. But they can also learn to speak, but they need education and training.

Gray and Lutino are cheaper and easier to find than other cocktails.

When you buy a cocktail, there are different cockatiel colors to choose from. But remember that they only differ in color and have the same health and care needs, and you don’t need to know anything special about their different cockatiel colors and breeds.

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

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