Care for lovebirds

Care for lovebirds: Lovebirds are fashionable pets. Find out here how to take good care of these pretty birds.

Lovebirds are fashionable as pets. More and more people own one. The reason could be the little care this bird needs, as well as its funny and pleasant character.

You may have never heard of this bird… Would you like to know what living with a lovebird is like? We tell you all about this bird below.

It is a bird with colors similar to those of a small parrot. The term lovebird is the result of the union of two Greek words “agape” (love or affection) and “ornis” (bird).

This bird is colloquially known as the “lovebird”. This is so because males and females spend a lot of time together. We can often see them grooming each other or snuggling up to each other.

Lovebird lifespan

These birds are small: their size varies between 13 and 16 centimeters. They eat fruits, seeds, and buds, and usually live between 10 and 15 years.

Adopt lovebird

Abyssinian lovebird

A lovebird is very different from a  dog in some ways. He does not need so much care, but his character can sometimes remind us of that of a dog.

He will come if you call him, he will snuggle up to you, love to be around you, and he loves to play. These birds might also peck your head affectionately, bite your hair, or sniff your neck.

Living with lovebirds is different from living with other animals. That doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Once he’s happy at home, he won’t leave if you let him go, even when the windows are open. This shows that it is a loyal animal that loves having a family.

This still little-known animal adapts very well to life in a house as a pet. This bird is ideal in homes where children live. These very funny poses will make everyone in the family smile.

How to take care of love birds

abyssinian lovebirds

You have or may have had a dog or cat. Knowing how to deal with these is quite easy due to experience, but also thanks to the amount of information available on the Internet about them.

A lovebird, however, is different. And there is very little information about the care he needs. And this, as it becomes more and more popular.

Lovebird flying

These birds need exercise. To do this, you need to let it fly freely around the house to keep it in shape.

If you are afraid that he will escape, because you don’t know each other very well yet, close the doors and windows before releasing him. But you must allow it to fly every day.

It is essential for all birds, including Lovebirds: they need direct sunlight, without filters. That is, place it near the window or outside for several hours a day.

Lovebird food

These little animals need a lot of minerals and vitamins and very little fat. Fruits and vegetables are allowed in their diet but do not forget to include special seeds for them that you will find in specialized stores.

Lovebird couple

 Although he can live alone, his mood might become dull. Lovebirds are indeed made to live as a couple. So, if you want yours to be happy, give him a spouse. If he dies, find him a replacement.

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

Lovebird health

Birds know how to hide their ailments. Regular visits to the veterinarian are therefore essential to quickly diagnose health problems.

Do not doubt that, despite being a special and different animal, living with a lovebird will be very pleasant. And now that you know how to take care of it, everything will be easier. So put a lovebird in your life!

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